Sunday, May 24, 2009

Playoff Stache Spectacular

In lieu the typical game preview I decided to give a Playoff Stache update.  More important than the update however, I decided to give a look at what the Nuggets players would have brought to this brilliant idea had I informed them of it in advance of the playoffs.  As far as Game 4 goes, I expect the Nuggets to win and I expect them to shoot the ball better as they'll have a little less adrenaline running through the system.  I also think you'll see them do everything they can to keep Kobe from getting into the lane.  Enjoy the Mustachios!


  1. Ill put the venom aside out of respect for you on this post. Well done sir!!!!! This is hillarious!

  2. I had no idea JR was italian. That's a spicy meat-a-ball right there!

  3. Kleiza should hook that up for real. He'd be one scary-ass Lithuanian.